Cannabis for Dogs: What Are the Benefits
Friday, Mar 16, 2018

It’s been a big few years for marijuana as medicine. Not only is cannabis legal in more places than ever before, but it’s also increasingly recognized as a legitimate alternative therapy. Yes, people have been using weed for years to heal what ails them, but now doctors and medical researchers are backing it up with science. Not surprisingly, the next frontier is cannabis for pets. There is now a massive market for cannabis for dogs, cats, and other animals.

We all love our dogs, more than we might even love some of our friends. They are with us every day, with unshakeable love and constant entertainment. People’s passion for their canine friends is limitless. Between dog people, the only acceptable topic of a conversation is often their dogs. Because of this popular topic of discussion, lots of dog owners have heard about CBD for dogs.

Every day, owners are always striving to find a better, more effective, and all-natural alternatives to conventional products on the market. We all know the garbage they put into most dog food bags, which is why many people now feed their animals pricey, whole food based lines of food. The next frontier is all-natural medicines.

THC is NOT safe for dogs CBD is entirely safe for dogs.