Cannabis For Pets? Kush For Cats? Dope For Dogs?

Is Veterinary Cannabis A Viable Treatment Option?



We live in interesting times - more studies are showing that cannabis can be used not just to treat you, but possibly your pets too. But before you hotbox your dog, read up first. Unlike using cannabis to treat a wide range of conditions on us humans, using it on dogs remains to be a gray area. However, The American Veterinary Medical Association in their website does seem supportive of the idea. Vets who decide to use cannabis on dogs need to rely on sound judgment and should still comply with legal regulations. Also, the AVMA emphasizes that cannabis use won’t have the same effect on animals as it would on people and that people should take note that there could be some adverse reactions.


Then there’s the story of Miles, a black lab-retriever who was suffering from terminal cancer.


The dog was given Tramadol, although he was unable to move and caused him to sleep all the time. His owner Denise eventually gave him a glycerin tincture of cannabis after it was suggested by a friend, and after an hour, Miles stopped vomiting and was able to eat. Not long after, Miles was able to enjoy some quality dog time at the beach, running and acting like himself again.