Cannabis Industry Trend: Marijuana Nightlife
Friday, Jan 25, 2019

Now that cannabis has made the leap into the mainstream in a number of U.S. states, industry lines are blurring as cannabis business owners design and implement new and innovative concepts. One of these exciting cannabis business concepts is marijuana nightlife, a newly emerging industry trend that’s changing the way consumers experience recreational cannabis.

Colorado is leading the charge towards the idea of “social pot,” continuing to uphold its position as one of the most progressive states in the cannabis arena. Interestingly, although cannabis has had a solid presence in Colorado for years, it’s only now that the social pot movement is really gaining steam.

Retail marijuana has been legal in Colorado since late 2012, with official sales beginning in 2014. However, the state has so far declined to tackle the task of regulating social pot use. Although Amendment 64, which legalized recreational cannabis, forbids the “open and public” use of marijuana, there is no clear idea of what “open and public” actually looks like. Over the years, there were several attempts to legalize social-based businesses such as dispensary tasting rooms and marijuana lounges, all of which were blocked by the Colorado General Assembly. Very few local governments have attempted to broach the issue, with just one creating a license application system designed for social-use cannabis businesses – and of those applications, only two have been approved since 2017.