Cannabis Infused Cocktails to Best Wet Your Whistle | 420 Foodie Club
Thursday, Mar 22, 2018

Many of us love to shake up (or stir) a good ol’ cocktail at the end of the day. But have you tried one infused with cannabis? Elevate your drinking experience with these simple recipes sure to become your next favorite.


Lemon Zootini Cocktail

A burst of lemon flavor paired with frozen vodka is the perfect drink for that summer picnic. Add a drop of Zoots Premium Cannabis Infusions to supercharge your experience to new heights.   

Get the recipe: Lemon Zootini Cocktail



The Mezzrole Cocktail

A delightful combination of cocktail cherries, quality bourbon and cannabis-infused sweet vermouth creates a sophisticated drink sure to impress your most discerning friends.

Get the recipe:The Mezzrole Cocktail



Mary Jane Mojito

This Cuban drink is traditionally made with white rum, mint, soda water, sugar and lime. Instead of sugar, this recipe substitutes Craft Elixirs’ Simple Syrup to serve dual purpose – sweeten your drink and get you deliciously high.

Get the recipe: Mary Jane Mojito

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