Cannabis Infused Products | What’s Next for Infused Products
Wednesday, May 1, 2019

What follows is a detailed look at the current landscape and business opportunities in the ingestible infused products sector and the trends that will shape the future of this growing category.


Need for Speed

Bioavailability is a buzzword in the ingestible cannabis-infused product sector. Products with higher bioavailability are more rapidly absorbed into the body’s circulatory system—and infused product manufacturers see mass-market appeal in goods that provide desired effects faster.

New product development should emphasize bioavailability and leverage nanotechnology or innovations in food science, according to industry executives. Those products will appeal to a wider group of consumers.

Oil-based ingestible products, including chocolate and hard candy, are lipids that must pass through the liver, where enzymes break down before eventually entering the bloodstream, said Ezra Malmuth, founder of Atlas Edibles, a Berkeley, California-based ingestible product manufacturer.

That can mean it takes 40-120 minutes for a consumer to feel their effects, he noted.