Cannabis-Infused Tea Creators Elevate The Edibles Experience
Saturday, Dec 16, 2017

The best of both worlds!



I say let the world go to hell, but I should always have my tea.

These are the words that once flowed from the tortured mind of Fyodor Dostoyevsky onto the pages of his existentialist novella, Notes from Underground. Although I’ve taken many trips down the long dark tunnels of Dostoyevsky’s world, imbibing on such classics as Crime and Punishment and The Idiot, it’s that quote from Notes from Underground that has always resonated with me.

There really is something to be said about the medicinal, and almost spiritual, effects of a good cup of tea.

Whether its the sustained boost of energy and focus from an earthy-flavored Matcha or the calming, somewhat sedative effects of fresh chamomile (which I’m actually fortunate enough to grow here in North Country), a good cup of tea can really make everything alright—even when it sometimes seems the world is going to hell.

In many ways, cannabis and tea are very similar.

Whether it’s the ability to calm the mind, enhance focus or provide very real medicinal benefits, tea and cannabis truly are gifts from God. And I treat both with the respect and admiration they deserve. This means, I only purchase and consume tea and cannabis that is grown and produced in a sustainable, socially-responsible manner. 

Positivi-Tea (10 mg THC, 5 mg CBD)—Formulated to improve mood and relieve stress. It will deliver a nice buzz but will not get you blasted. Tranquili-Tea (3 mg THC, 5 mg CBN)—Formulated for folks who need a little help falling asleep and staying asleep. Unless you have a very low tolerance, this one won’t get you high, but it’ll help calm your mind and allow you to enjoy a solid night’s sleep… without feeling groggy or tired when you wake up. Sympa-Tea (3 mg THC, 20 mg CBD)—Formulated for pain, muscle cramping and anxiety. This one is not likely to get you high, but it will help alleviate some anxiety and help with focus. Sensuali-Tea (7 mg THC)—Formulated to increase sexual desire and the effects of orgasm.