Cannabis Rescheduling and Its Possible Effect | Cannabis Training University
Wednesday, Mar 22, 2017

The DEA and FDA are departments in the government that federally govern the introduction of various pharmaceutical drugs and their entrance onto the marketplace. The same is true for medical marijuana. Recently, Congress distributed a memo, announcing its intention of making a determination about cannabis rescheduling. The DEA, in its decision, appears to now believe that marijuana does have medicinal value and so, deserves to be put into a lower schedule than it is right now.

The Announcement

The announcement has cannabis advocates quite elated. This new development only serves to prove what cannabis advocates and medical personnel have always thought about the positive use and benefits of marijuana. With this action, the federal government appears to now acknowledge that medical marijuana is of therapeutic value. This is something that many in the medical community have always known. In that case, medical marijuana should not receive the same classification as hard drugs like cocaine and heroin as was done in the past.