Cannabis Rescheduling Likely, Says Just-Retired US Global Narc

The federal government will likely reschedule cannabis once more states legalize the plant, says a former international narc according to a Marijuana Moment feature.


“Let the experiment advance. Consider its positive and negative effects,” says William Brownfield, who just last month was still the acting Assistant Secretary of State for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs.


His statements are surprising, considering he represented the United States in the global drug war for over six years. “Let’s see how many other states advance in this direction because we are a democracy and for the moment we do not have a consensus position. In California, the most populous state, they voted for legalization, but in Texas, the second most populous state, they have not even wanted to consider it. When the conclusions are drawn, it is likely that substances may be reclassified,” according to Brownfield.


Let’s keep in mind that even if Brownfield recognizes the possibility that the government will finally reschedule cannabis, which is currently a Schedule 1 drug, a category reserved for substances that are considered highly addictive and have zero medical value, he isn’t exactly supporting legalization.