Cannabis Syzurp: A Healthy Alternative to Purple Drank? | Marijuana
Friday, Aug 12, 2016

Actabliss cannabis “Grape Syzurp” produced in L.A. Photo courtesy of Actabliss.

“Purple Drank” is a euphoric, opioid-infused cough syrup that’s combined with flavored soda to create a deliciously lethal cocktail. The codeine cough syrup developed by Big Pharma as a medicinal product quickly gained ranks within the hip hop community as its intoxicating effects became apparent on some of the biggest rappers’ biggest tracks. Also known as “Lean,” codeine syrup has swiftly become a staple substance in households and VIP sections across North America. The only problem: the seemingly innocent purple drank has severe and irreversible side-effects that often lead to seizures and even death.

Lil Wayne with his prescription bottle

Celebrities like Lil Wayne, Future, Gucci Mane, Schoolboy Q, and Justin Bieber openly flaunted their syrup sippin’ which helped skyrocket the sweet drank’s popularity from coast to coast. However, the darker side of Purple Drank has been exposed over the last few years as rappers Pimp C, A$AP Yams, Big Moe and DJ Screw died after consuming a lethal dose of the cocktail. More recently, Lil Wayne was responsible for two emergency landings on a trip between Milwaukee and Los Angeles. He was treated for codeine seizures and released from the hospital, only to have another seizure mid-air shortly after take-off. This event was not Wayne’s first pair of emergency landing. Unlike the average recreational consumer, Wayne has the money to procure the prescription drug in large quantities (he was observed downing three 16 oz bottles at a Milwaukee club appearance), but even in smaller amounts this cocktail can produce alarming side effects.