Cannabis Terpenes: What you need to know - MassRoots

The best advice for picking out great cannabis? Follow your nose. Like many other plants, cannabis produces special aroma molecules that give each strain its unique flavor and fragrance. These molecules are called terpenes, and they do much more than give your bud a nice scent.

But, what are cannabis terpenes exactly and what do they do? As it turns out, these punchy molecules have some very serious implications for human health. Here’s what you need to know about cannabis terpenes:

If you catch a whiff of cannabis, you’re breathing in a fragrant breath of terpenes. Cannabis terpenes are the reason some strains, like Blue Dream, feature such a powerful blueberry aroma. Other terpenes provide that signature pine-sol scent to strains like Jack The Ripper.

When you pick out a strain that smells good to you, it’s the terpenes that are driving the appeal. These scented chemicals can be thought of as a plant’s external communication and defense system.

While plants may seem like inanimate objects, they engage with the world around them by secreting chemicals into the air and ground. Many of these chemicals are terpenes, which provide several different services for the plant, including:

Attracting pollinators. Fending off pests and herbivores. Protecting plants from infection. Protecting plants from UV rays. Durban Poison Jack Herer Headband