Cannabis Training Techniques: The Definitive Guide
Friday, Nov 23, 2018

Cannabis is commonly referred to as “weed.” Incidentally, it also grows like one! Yeap, you read that right: A cannabis plant can survive outdoors or indoors with minimal input from the grower. In fact, in places like India and South Africa, it is entirely possible to find weed plants on the side of the road, happily growing on their own. Sounds too good to be true? That’s because it kinda is. In fact, cannabis training is a must for all serious indoor and outdoor growers. In the following article, we will see why it is important and what are the methods you can follow for your plants.

Weed can indeed grow, develop and complete a life cycle without human input. Plant (and bud) development relies on certain chemicals and hormones within the plant. In nature, those compounds primarily promote the growth of the parts of the plant that are more exposed to the light. Therefore, in the best of cases, you would end up with a marijuana plant shaped like a Christmas tree and measly flower production. Plant training is essential because it increases the surface of the plant that is exposed to light (canopy), allowing for significantly improved yields.

Strategically damaging the plant (High-Stress Techniques) Bending the Plant Manipulating the Environment of the Grow Room (indoors) Screen of Green (ScrOG) Monster Cropping You have a garden with many (>5) smaller plants. You want quicker harvests. You don’t mind caring for a lot of plants. You are sure that you can provide a good growing environment. More light means more bud sites. More bud sites mean bigger yields. Training ensures better light distribution. You can control a plant’s shape and size with careful training, but genetics play a huge role. Research on the strain you are growing. Always pay attention to the distance between your grow lights and your plants. Try to keep the canopy flat and don’t be afraid to improvise. Don’t keep the plants too close or too far from the grow lights. Don’t train your plant during the flowering stage, unless you know what you are doing. All plant training is based on a simple premise: Manipulate natural mechanisms to improve yields! Humanity has been doing this for thousands of years. Plant training is impossible on auto-flowering strains. Just let them do their own thing!