Cannabist Show: He's Denver stand-up Josh Blue; He regulates weed in Boulder County
Wednesday, Aug 31, 2016

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Because Jack Splitt stood strong and tall, others may suffer less: Too often while observing the supercharged public policy arena, we forget why so many go to so much trouble to battle over legislation in the first place. While it can get obtuse and verbose at times — and mean and petty — it’s ultimately about people. This week, we were reminded of — and humbled by — the story of Jack Splitt’s brave efforts to help children and families dealing with extreme medical conditions and diseases. Splitt, who died Aug. 24 at the age of 15, became the face of the successful push to allow children suffering from the kinds of ailments who see benefit from medical marijuana to be able to use it in the classroom. –Commentary by The Denver Post Editorial Board

Stark gap in how doctors and the gov’t view marijuana: Nathaniel P. Morris is a resident physician at Stanford Hospital specializing in mental health. He recently penned a strongly worded op-ed for on the differences between how some in the medical community view marijuana, and how the federal government regulates it. “The federal government’s scheduling of marijuana bears little relationship to actual patient care,” he wrote in the essay published last week. “The notion that marijuana is more dangerous or prone to abuse than alcohol (not scheduled), cocaine (Schedule II), methamphetamine (Schedule II), or prescription opioids (Schedules II, III, and IV) doesn’t reflect what we see in clinical medicine.” –Report by The Washington Post’s Christopher Ingraham