CBD Isolate: The Best Dabs Around - Terpenes and Testing Magazine

Saturday, Mar 11, 2017

Tons and tons of scientists, journalists, and run of the mill cannabis connoisseurs have explored the wide and varying benefits of inhaling and/or ingesting cannabidiol (CBD). Many medical patients or health food nuts were first introduced to CBD through hemp tinctures or balms. But now the world of CBD has evolved. CBD isolates can be vaped using a dab rig or in a skillet vape pen set up. It can also be used as an additive in food and liquids.

Isolate is a term often used in chemistry. The term refers to the purification process used to create the concentrate. There are tons of chemical purification processes that can be used to create an isolate. However, not all of these processes is right for making CBD isolate. However they’re extracted, we love CBD isolates for what they add to the average dabbers life. The benefit of a pure shot of CBD provides such a wave of relief, there’s no going back once you finally try them. 

High THC content can sometimes lead to anxiety. A dab of CBD isolate could stave off these anxious feelings. This improves our mental health and also helps us to fully appreciate the THC high without the side-effects. Aside from making us feel less anxious, dabs of CBD isolate can also help to reduce those nagging daily stresses. Last but not least, CBD can reduce inflammation. Inflammation is the cause of arthritis and a lot of other chronic pain issues. The uses for CBD are endless, which makes this product a must-try for anyone using cannabis medicinally or recreationally.