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Saturday, Jul 28, 2018

CBD oil is all the rage these days, and not just for humans. More and more people are discovering the benefits of CBD oil for pets, an all-natural alternative to pricey pet medications that can sometimes come with nasty side effects. In addition to using it themselves, pet owners are discovering the benefits of CBD for dogs and CBD for cats.

Here’s a rundown of all the incredible ways CBD oil can help your furry friends:

May Reduce Anxiety

The jitters you may feel before a flight or a big meeting aren’t exclusive to humans. Pets have anxiety too, and CBD oil for pets can help our fur babies deal with the jitters of everyday life.

Pets tend to experience two different types of anxiety: behavioral and situational. Situational anxiety is usually the biggie for pets, as it can be triggered by thunderstorms, fireworks, or other unexpected loud noises. Some pets may also experience situational anxiety when meeting new people for the first time or seeing people decked out in costumes at festivals. CBD may also help to calm nerves in animals that aren’t keen on long car rides. In cases such as these, CBDs can help to mellow out those jittery paws.