Commercial Cannabis Cultivation Chooses Heliospectra - Terpenes and Testing Magazine
Tuesday, Jul 18, 2017

TruGanic Hybrid Cultivation is building a state of the art cannabis cultivation. The commercial cannabis cultivation also goes by the name THCultivation. Recently, the Oregon grow entity announced that they would be installing Heliospectra lighting systems in their currently-under-construction-Portland grow operation. The rather large order included the Heliospectra LX60. THCultivation plans to use the lighting solutions to standardize the crop quality and consistency.

Heliospectra AB (publ) (OTCQB: HLSPY, FIRSTNORTH: HELIO) is a world leader in intelligent lighting technology. They specialize in providing lighting systems for controlled plant environments and greenhouses. Heliospectra provides a unique product to the commercial cannabis cultivation industry.

The Oregon facility is going to launch a breeding program on site. They will also grow eight different strains using double vertical tier rack systems. The adjustable spectra makes the LX60 preferable for the team at this specific facility. These controls allow this model to be used from the vegetative state through flowering. THCultivation wants to use these finely tuned controls to finely tune the lifecycle of their strains.