Companion Planting to Grow Healthy Marijuana

Companion planting is a natural, inexpensive and organic way to improve the quality of your marijuana crop and reduce damage from pests. All you have to do is choose a supportive plant or two (or ten) to grow alongside your cannabis. Some plants emit chemicals that act as natural pesticides. Others attract beneficial insects. Many add vital nutrients to the soil and can feed your plants for you.

Companion planting is not only an option for outdoor growers. You can grow a living mulch, like that pictured below, right in your indoor containers.

Companion plants are best known for their pest fighting qualities. Some actively repel pests, while others attract predatory insects, also called beneficial insects.

To help prevent pests in your cannabis garden, try planting these common herbs and flowers:

Cilantro: Combats aphids, spider mites and potato beetles.

Citronella: A type of geranium, citronella is actually a boon to the gardener, not the cannabis. It’s familiar odor repels mosquitos, making garden tasks more pleasant all around.

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