Congress Passes Industrial Hemp Legalization | Ganjapreneur
Thursday, Dec 13, 2018

The unified 2018 Farm Bill was passed by the U.S. Senate and then soared through the House of Representatives this week, paving the road for American farmers to cultivate industrial hemp.

The $867 billion bill struggled to pass a strongly divided Congress due in part to Republican efforts to change the federal food stamp program. However, the final bill — unified by the Senate Agriculture Committee — left out many of the proposed changes.

It does, however, contain language that federally legalizes the cultivation and sale of industrial hemp and its derivatives, including the increasingly lucrative marketplace for cannabidiol (CBD) products.

Hemp has been shown to be useful for textiles, construction materials, food, wellness products including skin cream and daily supplements, bio fuel, and more.

Bethany Gomez, the research director for Brightfield Group — a CBD and cannabis market research firm — called it a “watershed moment” for the CBD industry.