Contaminants in cannabis concentrates: a cause for concern - Lift News
Monday, Dec 21, 2015

According to a recent study in the Journal of Toxicological Sciences, cannabis concentrates may contain pesticides and toxic solvents which remain as residue from the manufacturing process.

In order to address the scarcity of research on cannabis concentrates, The Werc Shop, a cannabis testing lab, collaborated with the University of South California to analyse cannabis concentrates for their cannabinoid, pesticide, and solvent content. They utilized 57 samples of cannabis concentrates from California medicinal cannabis users. Forty-eight of these being solvent-based concentrates while the remainder were dry or water-based hash samples.

The THC content of the 9 hash samples ranged from 50-65%, while the concentrates varied more widely. Most of the concentrates had THC content between 65-75%, while seven of them had less than 40% THC, including one sample with less than 5%. Five samples in the concentrate group had high CBD content, but otherwise the median was 1% CBD for both hash and concentrates.