Cultivating Cannabis & A New Strain Alert - Kynd Cannabis Company
Thursday, Jan 31, 2019

If you’ve ever browsed cannabis strains online in search of something new, you may have noticed terms like cross and hybrid and parent. And while you can probably guess that terminology like that is related to plant breeding, we’re taking things a little further with today’s post. Here’s what to know about the fascinating horticultural art that is cannabis cultivation, plus a new strain alert from your friends here at Kynd Cannabis Company.

Cultivators of cannabis can have a few different end games in mind when they breed plants. Maybe they’re hoping to strengthen or refine a specific strain. Maybe they want to improve or heighten certain desired characteristics. Maybe they’re trying to create an entirely new strain. But no matter the intended outcome, the process begins in the same way – with a male plant and a female plant. It’s the females that create those sticky buds, but the male plants are important too. Without them, there would be no pollination process.

While there are many, many variables to consider, at its simplest, cannabis breeding looks like this. The parent strains go into a breeding chamber, which is simply an enclosed space that will keep the right pollen in (and outside pollen out). One male plant can successfully pollinate dozens of females, so one male is all you need. Within a few weeks of its flowering phase, the male plant will develop pollen sacs. When the pollen releases, it will move through the air and land on the nearby female plants, which will then develop seeds and buds. It’s these seeds that will contain the genetics of both the female and male plant, and they can be harvested and eventually grown on their own.