Cyber Criminals Hack Marijuana Tracking Software - I Love Growing Marijuana
Thursday, Mar 1, 2018

Since this last presidential election, the US has been gripped by the fear and obsession of cyber criminal’s infringements. This paranoia is not entirely irrational. Recently a tracking software, used by marijuana companies in different states, was hacked.

The news has been reported by different media outlets including tech websites and portals for marijuana business trade news.

According to these reports, software with the name MJ Freeway is being used by several cannabis businesses in the states where MMJ or recreational cannabis has been legalized. The software is used to track the seed-to-sale journey of cannabis. It is developed by a Denver-based software house. According to the company’s own account, its server and backup system was inaccessible for a whole day in the first week of January.

This hacking activity affected the business of nearly 1000 retail stores because of the disruption in the management operations of regulatory compliance and inventory performed through the software. The crisis was spiraled out of control to an extent where some stores had to entirely halt their operations.

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