Dank Fung The Florist Dry Herb Vape Pen Review | Terpenes and Testing

Friday, Jan 5, 2018

The Florist dry herb vape is created to let us tune in to the exact temperature we want to target in our session. Setting a specific temperature lets us target certain terpenes while vaping dry herbs in the all-ceramic kiln. To get started, grind up flowers and twist off the top of the vape to reveal the chamber. Lightly tamp the dry herbs into the kiln until it is about halfway filled and then secure the mouthpiece back on by placing into the grooves and turning to lock. Turn on the unit by pushing the power button five times in succession. The light will blink on and we’re ready to set the temperature. This is easy using the mini screen and arrows. Just select a temperature down to the degree between 300 ℉ – 435 ℉ (149 -224 C).

Once ready, simply inhale through the glass mouthpiece to draw air through the chamber and experience a flavorful hit. The Florist does provide what it promises, a quick draw hit of dry herbs packed with flavor and effects that we want with absolutely no burning. I even pushed it and hit the dry herb vape pen extra long at super hot temps and it still lightly baked my herbs. There was no ‘popcorn flavor’ that is prominent with other dry herb vapes. On top of the fabulous function, the thing weighs so little it would be easy to carry around in a bag or even jacket pocket. In fact, we took it camping for tent sessions that didn’t offend our neighboring campers.