Dawg's Waltz (marijuana review) - The Cannabist


Chem strains tend to give me frenetic energy, something I needed desperately as I prepared for a couple of out-of-state dates for another project: our comedy game show. I hate packing, usually opting to haphazardly toss everything in a suitcase at the last minute, but three hits of the Dawg’s Waltz had me organizing with intention. Whereas Grandaddy Purple was more of a mentally numbing experience, the balanced hybrid nature of this high was incredibly focused as I rounded up necessities.

Due to some quirks in the layout of our house, we’re stuck with a full mattress in our upstairs that is exactly as long as I am tall. This week, that meant I had contorted my pillow in a way that my neck firmly disagreed with. With a little Waltz, however, the muscles loosened up and gave me a little more range of motion. Knowing that I’d be on an airplane and then sleeping in a strange (and hopefully larger) bed in the next week, I’ll take any respite from the pain.

Then, out of nowhere, the crash. Deciding to take a quick break to check my e-mail, I found myself lost in NFL draft news and Facebook notifications. Thirty minutes later and my future suitcase contents were staring at me from the bed, a week of outfits that simply needed to be moved a few feet. After an hour, my eyes felt as heavy as my body, but my clothes had formed a blockade that had to be dealt with. My best intentions wound up heaped on my carry-on, hoping the AirBnB had a nice ironing board.