Day One : Legal Weed and Crooked Politics | Cannabis Culture
Wednesday, Oct 17, 2018

CANNABIS CULTURE – Hey Canada, congratulations. Weed is legal now. As long as you buy it from rich people.

Thats right, today Canadians rejoiced and lined-up cash-in-hand today as nationwide, cannabis was sold legally from designated retailers. These outlets are licensed and controlled by elites from the halls of government, law enforcement and business. And your dollars will land in their pockets.

Yup, we the red-eyed, dirty, goddamn pot smoking layabouts can buy our weed and if you listen to the government we all ought to be wearing a smile. We can buy it…BUT we have to buy it from them. The same cops and politicians who busted up families and threw pot smokers in jail for the last eight decades are now in control of the legal market.

*record scratch

In the words of Pete Townsend, meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

The close relation and conflict of interest between those with licenses and those who award them, as well as the architects of legalization are mind boggling. Anne McLellan, former deputy Prime Minister of Canada and the Chair Person of Canada’s legalization task force, is also a lawyer, senior partner and consultant with mega-firm Bennett-Jones. A law firm that represents several of the largest Licensed Producers of legal Canadian cannabis. Her position as task-force chair was unpaid, and during her tenure she remained on the Bennett-Jones payroll.