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Wednesday, Jan 31, 2018

Comedian Ngaio Bealum offers advice on how to get a job in cannabis.



Are trimming careers a lucrative job option? Should I travel to Mendo to trim? – Mike Grant-Labor

Yes. You can make good money. But the money is not particularly easy to get. It requires long hours and hard work, like being on an Alaskan fishing boat, except you probably won’t be thrown overboard or washed out to sea.

The going rate for trimming a pound of cannabis is about $200. A newbie can do maybe a pound in a 12-hour day, and that’s with decent pot. If the bud is larfy, small or riddled with mold, it may take longer. People with more experience can do maybe 2 pounds: I know someone who can do 3 pounds in a day, but she grew up on the mountain and is a bit of a legend.

Plus, trimming can be boring as hell. You basically sit in a cabin and trim until your muscles cramp up — then you switch hands and trim some more. If you’re with some cool folks, there may be good conversation and decent food, but really, you just sit and trim and trim and sit. It can be meditative if you have the right mindset, but mostly it’s like working an assembly line.

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