Disposable CBD Vape Pen 250mg


Disposable pen for vaping CBD in Spearmint flavor. Total Oil in the CBD Vape Pen is 0.25g.


A tasty and efficient way to consume CBD. Our Fresh spearmint vape pen is packed with pure CBD and helps to reach a desired state of calmness and relaxation.


It also protects against the negative effects of THC



The vape pen is a pre-packed battery operated disposable vape pen. It is pre-packed with approximately 100 draws of 99% pure CBD. To initiate the draws and the vaping, try several small puffs. The light at the end of the pen will light up. After that initial process (which may not be necessary, some just need a little extra to get them going after shipping), it is good to go!



Here at RedStrap we are excited about our Vape-Drip line! RedStrap Vapes are manufactured with our ultra-refined de-waxed CBD concentrate. We take our CBD full spectrum/entourage oil and bond it to glycerin. Bonding our concentrated oil to glycerin unleashes the terpenes and flavonoids, you will be surprised about the smell and taste!


RedStrap vapes are some of the best tasting and fastest acting vape products in the industry. We offer four strengths; 150mg, 300mg, 500mg, 1000mg


RedStrap Vape-Drip is in 30 ml of organic, non-GMO, vegetable based glycerin. RedStrap Vape-Drip is one of the purest, cleanest, and most bio-available CBD vapes on the market. The full spectrum RedStrap CBD concentrate is infused 99:1 in vegetable based glycerin and polysorbate. There is no propylene glycol in any of our products!


Add to your favorite E-juice. Vape RedStrap CBD alone in your favorite tank. Drip RedStrap CBD onto your favorite mod.