Does The Master Cleanse Help You Pass A Drug Test?
Sunday, Apr 1, 2018

Ever since the invention of the drug test, people have been looking for ways to pass it, undetected. As most marijuana smokers ever confronted with a drug test will tell you, one of the most effective ways to accelerate the removal of marijuana from your system is by cleansing. This can mean anything from drinking a lot of water to buying a detoxification kit. The Master Cleanse, a classic way to detox, has people wondering: Does the Master Cleanse help you pass a drug test and lose weight?

Note that this guide only applies to urine drug tests, which detect the waste your body produces after you ingest THC. The Master Cleanse will have no impact on a hair follicle drug test.

For those inexperienced in the world of dietary fads and juicing, the Master Cleanse is a rapid weight loss program that involves drinking a lot of juice. Before doing anything like this, do your research. It’s best to talk to your doctor before beginning any intense diet. Also, you shouldn’t jump right into it. Generally, cleanses require cutting out certain foods before going completely without solid food.

Add cayenne pepper, maple syrup and water to fresh-squeezed lemon juice. For inquiring minds, here is the exact recipe. Drink 6 to 12 glasses of this mixture throughout the day. Before you go to sleep, take a laxative. This can be laxative tea or a supplement. After you wake up, mix two teaspoons of salt into one liter of water and drink in 5 minutes. Note: This also functions as a laxative. 1-time use: clean in 5-8 days 2-4 times a week: 11-18 days 5-6 times a week: 33-48 days Daily use: 50-65 days, up to 77