Dosage Rules For Cannabis Edibles | Cannabis Training University
Thursday, Jul 20, 2017

Cannabis edibles have become more and more popular as people accept the benefits that marijuana provides. The fact that marijuana has become legal in more states, it makes it easier for cannabis product providers to make edibles and sell them. Some people don’t like to smoke either and therefore, cannabis edibles are the ideal option. For the weed lovers, this is good news. However, there is a warning. Before you ingest any type of edibles, be sure to read the label to see the THC level so you know the dosage. There are dosage rules when it comes to cannabis edibles. So, the creators of these products have to know the dosage rules for safe consumption.

The Ingestion

For many years, people ingested weed by smoking it. You could light up a joint or a glass bong and be rewarded with the THC effects, which includes a noticeable high, depending on how much of it you consumed and how high the THC level.  With cannabis edibles, you have to wait for an effect. It just doesn’t come right away. It takes about an hour or more to feel the effect. Sometimes, marijuana users, especially the novice will be waiting for that high and think it is not coming, only to eat more of the edibles and then find out an hour or so later the paranoia and other intense effects to be more than they can handle. You don’t want to go there. Let’s look at how the dosage rules can make a difference.