Dry Bud Trimming or Wet Bud Trimming?

Wednesday, Feb 28, 2018

Which is right for you and your buds?

Every grower has his or her opinion on trimming marijuana. The age-old “machine trimming versus wet trimming” debate leads to some lively conversation, but the universal aspect—regardless of automation preference—is when to trim.

Whether you’re employing machines or human bud trimmers, the moisture status of your bud matters on trim day. Dry trimming and wet trimming both have some advantages, and each school of thought can be zealous about using one method over the other.

We here at Triminator don’t discriminate—we design wet bud trimmers and dry bud trimmers. So, it makes sense for us to share the pros and cons of each method—objectively—to see which technique best fits the needs of your operation. And, beyond that, we’d like to share some thoughts on machine-trimming wet and machine-trimming dry.

Wet Trimming Pros

Those who prefer wet trimming have a “git-r-done” mentality that makes sense in many situations. Time is money; finishing the trimming and getting the product dried quickly saves both.