Earth Day: 5 Top Strains to Get You Closer to Mother Earth - Cannahacker
Friday, Apr 22, 2016

April 22nd of every year gets celebrated around the globe, even if you’re not sure which holiday lands on that date (it’s Earth Day by the way). Earth Day has been celebrated since back in 1970, when then-US Senator Gaylord Nelson reinvented the idea from peace activist John McConnell as an environmental teach-in. Ever since then it’s changed a bit into the celebration of Earth and peace.

It’s about getting out and enjoying the beautiful scenery Mother Nature provides us, and giving our respects back. That’s why many preferred activities are all focused on being outside; hiking, camping and picking up trash thrown on the ground are three of the big ones to name a few, so finding the best strains suited for the occasion can be a challenge for those inexperienced in the plethora of choices. Here’s the five best strains we could think of to really keep the Earth Day celebration going regardless of what you’re doing!

Since most people choose to enjoy Earth Day out in the wilderness with either a hike or a camping trip, the first strain we wanted to talk about had to be perfect for them – Kaia Kush. It’s 60% sativa and 40% indica end up evening each other out, allowing you to focus on whatever task is at hand. It relaxes you without sapping your energy and even has a fairly long high-time, all while relieving muscle fatigue and keeping that sense of wonder you get when stoned in the great outdoors!

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