Educating Seniors About Cannabis: CEO Spotlight on Carrie Tice of Octavia Wellness - Weedguide
Wednesday, Dec 12, 2018

Older Americans have officially embraced legal cannabis. According to a 2017 federal survey, Baby Boomers aged 55-64 are more likely than 12-17 year olds to smoke weed monthly. This is a dramatic flip from the early 2000s when teens were 4 times more likely to consume cannabis than people in their 50s and 60s. There’s also the finding that seniors aged 65 and older have essentially gone from zero use in the early 2000s, to 2.4% of them reportedly using cannabis monthly and nearly 4% taking it annually.

It’s music to the ears of Octavia Wellness Co-Founder and CEO Carrie Tice, who has spent the last 4 years building her California-based cannabis company to specifically serve the aging population. To hear about how a family member’s cannabis journey led to the founding of her company and learn what life is like for the cannabis CEO, we took some time to catch up with Carrie at MJBizCon in Las Vegas.


“Octavia Wellness is dedicated to having the best products and services for seniors and Boomers,” Carrie said of her company. “Those are the fastest growing segments of the cannabis industry, but also the most under-served.”