Emerald Cup 2016 Results

Monday, Dec 12, 2016

We heard that 30,000 people attended the sold out Emerald Cup this week. Why? Because, originally founded by Tim Blake in 2003, this is California’s most cherished cannabis competition. Sure these weed events are becoming more common, chaotic and corporate each day. But this one has always maintained its credibility. In fact it’s always been our favorite—and we’ve even spoken at High Times Cannabis Cups. Those things are inspired by California’s outdoor weed celebrations like this one. Anyhow the Emerald Cup not only celebrates the finest in Northern California weed, it’s a local tradition that’s been going on for decades. Back in the day it used to be held secretly at remote family ranches in Humboldt County. Plus its focus is on paying homage to the most important peeps in the industry—the cannabis growers and breeders. Without their decades of hard work and law-breaking there wouldn’t even be a marijuana industry.

The Dookie Brothers grew the top strain, Zkittles, at the 2016 Emerald Cup For instance the winning grower, Jason “Dookie,” has more than a couple decades worth of grow experience. After winning best flowers at the Cup he told us that he’s been growing for 25 years. He also said that he’s only entered one other event aside from this one.

“This was only our second event. It’s all kind of surreal,” he laughed.

Emerald Cup 2016 Harper of Sticky Finger Seeds sampling Pez- Bros Rosin One thing that ’ s cool about the Emerald Cup is their focus on purity. So you won ’ t find any solvent-saturated concentrates here, man. What you will find is lots of killer rosin . Rosin, like hash, is a concentrate but instead of being sifted it ’ s heat pressed. Above is a pic of our bud Harper from Sticky Finger seeds sampling some Pez-Bro rosin. Sure people were smoking joints all over the Emerald Cup, but if you really want to taste a strain and quickly feel it ’ s effects, a dab of rosin is the way to go. That device he ’ s using is a Nectar Collector, basically a glass straw with a heating element at the end. On the right is rosin available for sale. Ngaio Bealum Emerald Cup 2016 We also ran into one of our fave peeps on the planet, comic extr aordinaire and element #103 on the Periodic Table of STUFF STONERS LIKE , Ngaio Bealum , who was a judge at the Emerald Cup. He was a finalist on the 1st Last Comic Standing—by the way. We ’ ll let ya know next time he ’ s playing in town so you can check him out. He ’ s F-ing highlarious.