Europe Cannabis News Roundup

Kanepi, a small town on the southeastern region of Estonia, used an online poll to vote for its new flag.


The poll received a lot of controversy because despite having a population of less than 5,000, the poll generated 15,000 votes. Around 12,000 of those votes were for the cannabis symbol. Kanepi, whose name in Estonian, translates to marijuana. Many of the town’s residents traditionally cultivated cannabis and hemp, which were then used to manufacture oil, rope, and clothes.


Kaido Koiv, the chairman of Kanepi’s town council, said that the decision to change the town flag was the result of a “very democratic” process, according to Reuters.


Last Thursday, the town council held a meeting wherein the local government approved the verdict which was to adopt a flag with the cannabis leaf.


In Estonia, possessing small quantities of cannabis for personal consumption is still punishable but only with a fine.


UK Doctors Appeal For Decriminalization Of All Drugs


Researchers and doctors in the United Kingdom are calling to decriminalize drugs, which they say is critical for protecting the public’s health – no matter how harmful or healthy they are.