Ever Wondered What a Weed Wedding Looks Like? Shirju Can Tell You | Marijuana

Thursday, Mar 22, 2018

It was a beautiful Tuesday in March, the first day of Spring. Is there a more perfect day for a wedding to take place? Nope. Did I know the bride and groom? Nope. What I did know is this was a cannabis-themed wedding, and everything about that just sounded right. So, I went.

Whoever thought of that concept had to be a true stoner like me. Luckily, I knew the brains behind the operation, so I wouldn’t be a complete crasher. My beautiful friend Waverly is a special event and wedding planner (she might be the best in the city, no bias). We’ve both definitely bonded over our love of the flower. After countless success stories with traditional weddings, she was ready for her next challenge: the 420-friendly wedding of the year.

While the wedding didn’t actually take place on April 20, it was chosen specifically so the professional photos would be ready to print and publish on marijuana’s biggest day. I had absolutely no details on the itinerary for the day, other than that I was going to soak up the love — the real, authentic love that was in the air. This wasn’t just any romance, this was a love affair between two weed-lovers.