Experts Criticize Canada's Proposed Cannabis Edibles Regulations
Friday, Feb 22, 2019

Critics of Canada’s proposed cannabis edibles regulations say the rules would result in unappetizing and over-packaged products, according to media reports. When marijuana was legalized in Canada last year, initial regulations only allowed cannabis flower and oil to be sold. Since then, regulators have been creating rules for cannabis edibles, extracts, beverages, and topicals.

Health Canada released the draft regulations in December and has been accepting feedback during a consultation period that ended on Wednesday. The federal health agency expects to have the final version of regulations in place by October 17, the first anniversary of legalization.

But provisions in the draft regulations require that products not be appealing to children and prohibit packages from advertising dessert or confectionary flavors. They also must be shelf-stable and not “encourage overconsumption.” Although Health Canada has confirmed that ingredients such as chocolate and sugar will be allowed, edibles must not feature ingredients, shapes, colors, flavors, packaging, or labeling that would appeal to children. Jessika Villano, the owner of Buddha Barn dispensary in Vancouver, fears that the rules will mean tasty products won’t be permitted.