Fab Egg Rigs: Why Everyone Wants One


No seriously, what’s up with the fab egg (short for “faberge egg”)? When you think of cool bong designs, very few look to the humble egg for inspiration. Don’t judge that ball-shaped pipe by its cover. though; the fab egg offers a lot to the selective smoker.

Believe it or not, the fab egg rig gets its name from a resemblance to a limited series of jewel-encrusted eggs made by the Russian jeweler House of Faberge. Only 50 were made, making them the most valuable jewelry in the world at around a few million per egg. They’re so valuable that they’re often used as a plot point in heist films like Ocean’s Twelve where thieves can retire from the profit of just one egg theft. For those of us without a million dollars in our bank account, the fab egg rig is a less expensive yet much more functional alternative.

Fab eggs have spherical chambers with hollow centers. These pipes have multiple holes, which can make for great dabber holders. From a pure aesthetic perspective, the fab egg has the definitive glass-on-glass design. It’s basically a bong within a bong, with water and vapor moving through the two layers of glass instead of through the middle chamber like most water pipes. This helps smooth your smoke in a way similar to a swiss perc, which gets its name from its non-uniform holed design. The swiss perc is considered the predecessor of the fab egg. Some pipes incorporate a fab egg design in their percolators, allowing for similar diffusion in a different package.