Facebooks Allows Pro Marijuana Legalization Ads | Marijuana

Thursday, Aug 16, 2012

Not that it would be shocking to anyone that has used Facebook before… But last week they were taking more than their fair share of heat for going overboard in their scrutiny of any ads that dealt with the topic of marijuana. Facebook has had a long and inglorious history of being blunt in their denial of marijuana ads.

Well – last week Facebook went too far in their rejection of ads by groups that were working as advocates for marijuana legalization and policy reform. The less than questionable ads, which have caused Facebook this sticky issue, had the backdrop of a marijuana fan leaf with alternating photos of the Romney and Obama… and their amused, smug faces smiling back at their faithful servants. The purposes of this satirical Photoshop add was to be a means of garnishing attention for the many different forms of marijuana reform that are being sought during this election season.

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As many different incarnations of this doctored Facebook marijuana ad were submitted by varying groups of pro-marijuana supporters, including “just say now” and “students for sensible drug policy,” both groups were told to pound sand… and get a job -because these ads ain’t running!

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