Fight the bitter winter with a warm, cannabis-infused bourbon | GreenState
Friday, Jan 26, 2018

I bought an eighth-ounce of cannabis flowers and stopped at the supermarket for cheesecloth.

Then, I made a test batch with a fistful of mystery flower left by a friend who did not want to take marijuana on a flight, and the remains of a few bottles of bourbon. The result? A pint of mildly infused bourbon blend. After a few hours of cooking – babysitting the stove, mostly — I was sipping an infused cocktail and watching the sky change color.

A few weeks later, I cooked the commercially produced eighth-ounce in a bottle of Trader Joe’s Kentucky Bourbon. I’ve been using it to make even happier home happy hours.

Here’s how to make your own weed-infused bourbon (or other liquor). You can steep your flower in warm liquor  – the quickest process, just a matter of hours. Or you can cold brew, which will take a couple weeks to complete the infusion.

Either process is easy. But you’ll need to keep your wits about you while you work.

Before you start, a few warnings: While you’re decarbing your flower (more on this below), keep an eye on the oven – you don’t want to burn your weed. Also, cooking your boozy infusion over an open flame can be a fire hazard, so be extra-vigilant if you’ve got a gas stove. I kept a window cracked open while I was cooking and still got a little blurry around the edges – keep your space well-ventilated until everything’s turned off.

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