First Time Marijuana Dispensary Visit | Cannabis Training University
Tuesday, May 23, 2017

There is an undisputed appeal for legal cannabis and this cannot be denied as it is drawing more people from all generations. In fact, more states are jumping onboard the legal bandwagon as cannabis increases its popularity. Even baby boomers from the hippie days are returning to the table, trying to rekindle the relationship with the marijuana plant. Medical cannabis patients are looking for the local marijuana dispensary that has a large inventory of cannabis strains or cannabis product to alleviate their symptoms.

The Expectation

For people that express a sudden curiosity about marijuana and do not know exactly where to begin, we have the information you need as to what you should expect when visiting a marijuana dispensary for the first time. Of course, this will reduce any intimidation to make the first step toward finding treatment for your ailments. Most cannabis dispensaries have a qualified and knowledgeable budtender in-house to assist you. However, below, we discuss some of the things you should expect as it relates to a visit to either a recreational or medical marijuana dispensary.