Five Starter Cannabis Strains -
Monday, Jul 23, 2018

Using cannabis has always been more often than not a social experience. Many times when enthusiasts are enjoying their weed they are doing so among friends or even like minded folks they may have just met at a concert or festival. With legalization having been passed in several places around the country, more people than ever are giving weed a chance.

No matter if it’s by passing a joint, blunt, bong around or waiting for some edibles to kick in, we always want our experiences with weed to be a one and this is especially true when your friends are keen on trying cannabis for the first time. Since most of us were introduced to the joys of cannabis by friends who made sure we were “ok” during our first time getting high, it’s important to continue to help newbies cope with the potential paranoia, nervousness, anxiety and other negative side effects that sometimes accompany smoking weed so that they can ultimately have a good time just like the rest of us!

Because of this, one of the most important aspects about trying weed for the first time is making sure to take the time to properly choose the cannabis strains that would be right for your friend’s first experience. In order to help make this a little bit easier, check out this list of five of the best marijuana strains for enjoying with newbies. From the seemingly ubiquitous Blue Dream strain along with some other popular varieties like Grape Ape and Jack Herer, these weed strains are some great choices for both veterans as well as for those just starting out.