Floral Strains for Mom on Mother’s Day - MassRoots

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Mother’s Day is here and nothing goes better with Moms than big beautiful bouquets of fresh flowers. If you haven’t started thinking about what to get the life-bringer in your family yet, the good news is you’ve still got time. This year, instead of a mushy card and half-assed box of chocolates you picked up on your way out of the grocery store, get her something she really wants.

Like a smaller, more pungent floral arrangement called cannabis! If you’re lucky enough to have a mom or wife that enjoys relaxing with Mary Jane at the end of a hectic day full of adult responsibilities, this idea should be a no-brainer. However, I realize that the remaining 92% of us that don’t have mothers or wives that toke, this will backfire horribly.

In either case, we can all celebrate Mother’s Day a little early by enjoying some aromatic strains that smell of flowers and mom’s home cooking. Since they only get one stinkin’ day a year to be appreciated for raising (or marrying) our sorry butts, below are the top picks for the most floral and Mom-worthy strains to help celebrate all that they do.

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