FocusVape Pro Dry Herb Vaporizer Pen Giveaway
Wednesday, Oct 12, 2016

The Focusvape Pro from our buds over at VapeItNow is the perfect portable dry herb vape pen for control freaks. It will allow ’em all to get the perfect vape by dialing in the perfect temperature. This pen has a temperature range from 176°F-464°F that’s able to be changed in increments of 1° instead of pre-set temperatures. And it’s large LED screen makes adjusting the temperature easy.

Fine tuning like you’d find on the FocusVape Pro is typically reserved for shit like Bentleys and Mercedes Benzes not vape pens. Plus this thing has a vibration notification. It’ll vibrate in your pocket to let you know when it’s ready to rock. It’s ceramic oven heating chamber heats up fast only taking about 20-30 to reach your optimum temp.

For further control the FocusVape Pro dry herb vaporizer has an adjustable airflow control system. And it includes an attachable water bubbler to deliver squeaky clean hits. Like being in control? With the ability to precisely control temperature and airflow you’ll dig this rugged li’l vape pen.

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