Forget Wine Pairing. Cannabis Pairing is booming

Wine tastings, elegant coursed dinners with a wine for each dish… these are for old fogies. The new in thing is cannabis pairing. It turns out that marijuana does more than give you the munchies. By choosing strains that compliment a dish you can enhance your dining experience by smoking between courses or even by incorporating the marijuana right into the food.

Okay, we still love wine. Fortunately you can pair wine with weed too! To help you get started on the delectable journey into the world of “high dining”, we’ve compiled a list of several places that do the pairing for you. Enjoy cannabis infused food at a fine restaurant, take a cannabis dining tour or bring your own to the local sushi joint.

Let’s take a quick look at what these expert cannabis chefs and guides are doing when they pair a strain of marijuana with food. There are a couple ways to choose the perfect strain to compliment a dish or meal:

Flavor – It’s all about those terpenes! Flavorful strains, especially those with a sharp citrus or acid taste like Sour Diesel help to cut the creaminess of a curry or white pasta sauce. Sweet strains like Bubblegum or Blueberry go well with a dessert wine after a big meal. Effect – Many cannabis connoisseurs choose to start the night with a strain that has high CBD levels, or even a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD like CBD Shark. This starts to mellow your mind without making you so stoned you can’t enjoy the rest of the night. A nice Sativa or cerebral hybrid like Girl Scout Cookies. Then finish the night with Pineapple Expressfor its relaxing, mellow effects. Plus the flavor goes well with a sweet white wine or crème brule.

They are essentially event planners who happen to be cannabis enthusiasts and experts.

Katsu Curry with Blue Dream Pakalolo Shrimp with Pakistani Kush Honey Miso Salmon with Sour OG Hamachi Sashimi with “Red Angel” Dressing Red Angel is a balanced Amsterdam cannabis strain, with 15% THC and 15% THC. Boudin Noir with Egg Yolk, Broccoli, Foie Gras and Hash Sauce Wild Bass with Pineapple Kush cannabis Raspberry Doughnuts infused with Cannabis Vapor Chocolate Fondant with Hash Butter