Freezing Marijuana: Good or Bad Idea? | My 420 Tours
Friday, Sep 29, 2017

The cannabis plant is full of wonder and yet-to-be-discovered health benefits in addition to those traits already helping people who medicate with THC for a multiplicity of ailments. However, with recreational cannabis, people tend to forget that it is a plant just like any other, and after it is harvested it can only stay good for so long. So is freezing marijuana a good idea?

When it comes to storing your cannabis and maximizing its shelf life, there are different options you can try out to see what maintains the flavor and scent profile the best. But not all storage methods will provide the right humidity, temperature, and lighting to maintain those tastes and smells for an extended period of time.

Dispensaries store cannabis in glass, airtight containers

Storing cannabis is extremely simple once you know the basics. The most important thing to remember is that cannabis likes the dark and cooler temperatures after it is cured. Mildew and other molds start to thrive on cannabis if the plant matter exceeds 77ºF. Excessive dry heat will dry out the essential oils in the plant making it dry, crumbly, and harsher to consume.