Frost Pipe Review
Monday, Dec 29, 2014

Imagine a disposable pipe, made entirely of ice, that delivers frosty cool hits and tastes like purple Kool-Aid. Dope, right? Now you get the idea behind the ingenious Frost Pipe.

When this thing arrived we saw the snowman logo and thought, this must be some cool stoner Xmas product. Then we realized nothing would be cooler than to fill a cooler with beer and Frost Pipes, right? Your friend goes to grab a cool and hits the pipe jackpot!

Speaking of jackpot, here’s what you get when you fork over your hard-earned bread for a Frost Pipe?

One Frost Pipe Master Mould One Frost Pipe Drip/Holding Tray One Frost Pipe Stopper Two Stickers A Whole Bunch of Love From Your New Frost Pipe Bruhs

Remember that scene in the Christmas story when that kid’s tongue stuck to that fuckin’ frozen pole? Now we know what you’re thinking, dude. Will the Frost Pipe do the same thing? Of course not, man…the Frost Pipe ain’t some fuckin’ frozen flag pole. It’s more like a fuckin’ Otter-Pop that you can smoke weed with. And it comes with a handy plastic holder so your hand won’t die of frostbite or stick to your Frost Pipe like that kid’s fuckin’ tongue stuck to that pole.