Fruit Punch Strain Review - I Love Growing Marijuana
Friday, Nov 9, 2018

Skunk #1, Haze, and Northern Lights are all legends in the world of cannabis. Each are different in terms of structure. The first, for example, is a well-balanced hybrid while the latter are two pure strains that each lean toward different sides of the spectrum. However, all are distinguished for their distinctly incredible terpene profiles.

In combining the three, Heavyweight Seeds developed a sweet tasting strain that reminds almost everybody of juice. Fruit Punch, like its parents, is a high THC powerhouse. It is Sativa leaning but its potent effects are felt intensely in both the mind and the body.

Though widely regarded for its recreational high, Fruit Punch appeals to many medical users of marijuana. Its 1.2% CBD cements its position as a therapeutically valuable strain with significant mental and physical benefits.

Information about Fruit Punch:

* 1 is the lowest

Fruit Punch is a wonderful addition to any party. It boosts moods and calms the mind through a euphoric rush that takes users off the edge. Interestingly, the mental clarity sparks a sense of creativity that keeps profound thoughts flowing smoothly.

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