Galactic Jack Marijuana Strain Review | Marijuana
Wednesday, Dec 28, 2016

The Verdict: Galactic Jack is one of the best sativa strains on planet earth and one that should be tried by experienced connoisseurs. Providing an interstellar high that’s accentuated by her lofty tropical flavors, Galactic Jack was originally cultivated by one of the best breeders hailing from the Pacific Northwest. The offspring of a true legend, this is one of the tastiest sativas currently available!

Cannabinoid analysis provided by Sunrise Analytical

Origin: Master cultivator, Subcool, of TGA Subcool Seeds. 

How Stoned Will You Get: 7

Average THC: 19-25.2%

Average Price Per ⅛: $40

The Science: Galactic Jack is an incredibly beneficial sativa, combining Jack Herer and Space Queen’s celestial attributes into one spaced-out strain, the genetics represented in the strain offer true medicine for the masses. Originally cultivated by the skillful cultivator, Subcool, this strain was created with an original Jack Herer selection and crossed with TGA’s legendary Space Queen. Paying homage to Jack, Subcool gifted the mother plant (Galactic Jack) back to Herer’s family after his death in 2010.