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Gelato Cannabis Strain Review [2018]

Thursday, Nov 29, 2018

Named for the way in which it impacts the taste buds and senses with pure, dessert-like pleasure and sweetness, the Gelato marijuana strain has begun to overwhelm the world of cannabis, and in a beautiful manner. Sometimes referred to as Larry Bird, its strain nickname, the NBA superstar definitely does endorse this weed type, but that is not the only reason that it has acquired this secondary name.

Bred by the geniuses over at San Francisco based lab Cookie Fam Genetics, many phenotypes of Gelato were released over time by these masters, but phenotype number 33 is the one most often associated with the legend Larry. This is because the NBA star’s jersey number is 33, so the similarity certainly has a strong connection.

Beyond its naming and origins, Gelato has become world renowned for its unique and impactful effects, which are well-balanced and won’t cause you to end up crashing in the end. You need to try the Gelato weed strain, with its sweet citrus color and taste as it will probably send you out of this world.