Getting a Medical Marijuana Card Online in California

Used to be the ultimate question in our golden state back in the "earlys." Medicinal marijuana had barely become legal, and we didn’t have impressive websites like Slyng to provide patients with a centralized base camp for marijuana resources.

When I finally decided to get my 'card' for the first time, I had so much anxiety!!  I had no idea what to expect or even where to go for that matter. Not to mention, there was little to no discretion. I don't know.... something about the big green crosses on the windows and doors didn't leave many questions as to why I was there.

I felt like all eyes were on me and that it was a complete invasion of my medical privacy. Stressed about who would see me and how I could explain my purpose being there without divulging some of my gruesome medical details.

I mean wouldn’t you be a little frazzled if every time you went to the pharmacy or doctor’s office everyone knew what medication you were being prescribed?! Kinda gets a little dicey when dealing with good ol’ HIPPA. (Not the animal at the zoo, but the federal law) Lucky for us times have changed.

The ‘Get Started’ green button is on the first page. the 30-second questionnaire that is sent over to the doctor's queue The Doctors part in the evaluation is 5-10 minutes and you the rest of the time is yours to ask what you need to feel comfortable. They won't leave you hanging there either; they will help make your first order. So yes access is immediate. Happy meditating! Photo Credit