Getting Elevated at the Art Museum | Cannabis Now
Friday, Jan 12, 2018

How learning to love cannabis helped to rediscover a passion for enjoying art in public.



Some of my friends hate art museums. They would never admit it, but I can see it in their body language when I ask if they want to join me on a weekend excursion to the contemporary art museum or to a late-night viewing party at the larger art museum downtown.

They crinkle their foreheads in surprise and scoff: “The art museum? What’s going on there?”

“You mean, aside from the art?” I like to answer, adding my own subtle dig.

I’ve always enjoyed art museums. But I never universally loved, valued and appreciated these important institutions until the first time I ingested cannabis at an art museum, in (of all places) Wyoming, some years back.

More on that spectacular afternoon in a sec.

In my own B.C. (before cannabis) era, I went to art museums partially because I wanted to, but mostly because I felt it was my cultural responsibility. At home in Colorado, I’d support the sprawling Denver Art Museum and the hyper-curated Museum of Contemporary Art, and I’d always do my best to make time in my travels for the behemoths.

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