Ghost Train Haze Marijuana Strain [Full Review]
Friday, Mar 1, 2019

Bred by Denver based growing company Rare Darkness, Ghost Train Haze is certainly not a strain for beginners – the sometimes psychedelic (but always heady) cannabis type not only contains potent quantities of THC, but also has some “intriguing” effects which may not be a solid match for some.

| In fact, some Ghost Train Haze users have jokingly (or maybe not so jokingly) compared the strain to a mild psychedelic.

In 2012, High Times actually named the strain the “Most Potent on Earth”, further solidifying its intense abilities. Aside from being a superb option for those who like a bit of a “cerebral adventure,” GTH is also met with outstanding medical benefits, which is why it has gained so much popularity globally and become notorious for providing multi-symptom support.

Keep reading to discover even more about the mind-bending Ghost Train Haze marijuana strain in our complete review…